Katy Meuer HeadshotHi I’m Katy. Transformation has been my journey, even before I realized it. Especially when I tried with all my might to ignore it and avoid it. Transformation is simple, but it does not feel easy. In fact, transformation is a rollercoaster and I ride this transformation ride every day. I coach from a place of compassion for how tough this ride is, with reverence that we are all connected & even when we don’t see it, it is really always working out for our highest truth, and with an open-heart to the surprise and delight in the mystery of how it all unfolds.

Our Bodies have all the answers, but for me, it was a matter of slowing down long enough to listen to it, re-learn to trust it at a deeper level and take scary, nausease, uncomfortable action of following through on the messages.

I’ve been in corporate sales, I’ve work for myself, I’ve been a 1099 contractor, I’ve taught classes to be paid by the hour as my sole source of income, I’ve moved cities, I’ve changed therapists, I’ve hired my own coaches, I’ve have a “save my life” emergency energy reader when I can’t figure out which way is up, and I’ve done the scariest thing of all: nothing. It’s all been part of transforming, trying, testing, feeling, discerning, re-discerning, evaluating, and at the end of the day… life is unfolding for us to figure out, “What is True for me right in this moment?”

A simple question, seemingly insignificant, and yet, continues to have the most profound impact on my intentions, my heart and how I discern what action to take.

Are you ready to dive down deep into what’s below the surface and discover tools to bring your truth to the surface? I’m waiting for you. You’re enough. You CAN do this, and let’s explore, develop courage along your path to your own truth.

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