Katy Meuer uses her experience from fitness & pharmaceutical sales to deliver an entertaining, yet heartfelt twist to the stage. She brings the passion and energy like she would to any fitness class, but with a softer side to remind us all we are human, we battle our choices every day, and how can we inspire ourselves to commit to daily choices for a lasting positive impact.

EVOSO LIVE February 2017

Stryker Women’s Network 2019

In 2016 I was starting to attempt a journey to self-improvement.  I spent months trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, why things aren’t working for me and then I received an invitation to attend a Live Your 10 class with Katy Meuer.  This truly changed my life for the better – no longer did I feel the need to be like someone else my time was spent thinking “I need to be like this person or that”  I learned my “catalyst” needs to be me, what I want.  And I struggled coming up with goals until I sat down and really examined me and what I wanted to do.  Katy’s guidance and motivation was inspiring.  Katy makes me feel like I can accomplish anything and in 2017 I at 51 I will get certified as a fitness instructor.  Thank you Katy for teaching me to Live my 10!!

Josephine Ford


I’m still so new at this. Everything you post is something new to me. You said something at our training that always stuck with me. You talked about always being a student and maintain the learning and improving mindset. This is something I carry into every class. I have found benefit in nearly every video you post. I actually keep a note page in my phone of new student names so I can remember them. I’m not trying to do too much too fast. I feel I have so much to learn. I truly appreciate everything you post. I’ve quoted you quite a few times. I will let you know if I have specific questions. Right now, I’m absorbing it all.

Angela Moudry


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