Welcome! I’d love to share with you my next adventure in discovering how to live a life more true to our fully self-expressed selves… and of all things, Meditation has helped me clear the clutter (literally, mentally, physically, and energetically) to get down to the truth of who we are: PURE POTENTIALITY!

And with that, I’d like to inspire you to discover your own inner unlimited self with a fun, insightful and curious journey about Mediation… and just know, this is coming from someone that 7 years ago – I could NOT meditate. So let’s start this journey together…

Meditation means ___________ to you? 

Ever thought about that? Any interesting thoughts or reactions come up when you hear the word meditation?  

Regardless of what came up for you, let’s honor it and dive in….

From a girl who could only meditate for 2 minutes after a hard hot yoga sculpt class, to now being a trained Meditation Teacher through the Chopra Center & practicing Daily Mediation… let’s just say, I’ve have had quite a journey with meditation. We fought, and then I fought harder, we had moments of insightfulness beyond words & then unbelievable resistance that I wanted to scream because it shouldn’t be this hard and I’ve also judged myself forward & backwards at how I just “can’t” seem to get into a regular practice… I’ve been through that all, and back again, more than once 😉🙈.

So yes, I’ve been through a lot with meditation & then some more with meditation. I’m no expert, but in my winding relationship with mediation, I’ve found a lot more joy, fun and curiosity to explore that has made this life journey not only more enjoyable, but something I look forward to more than I ever thought possible. Mediation & I are a work in progress & I want to share some ideas & thoughts to see if they can inspire you…. 

It will take some courage. Because trying different ways to meditate that you don’t know or maybe don’t like, not easy, but it can be done. And even through doing what you don’t like, you might also find something that does bring you release, refreshment and a lightness you really like feeling. Regardless, these 3 short and simple classes are designed to open up your heart & mind to the options… just the options… and once you’re open to the options… then we can dive deep into what “style” is true for you. 

Because if I’ve learned anything, it’s the importance to make meditation your own for exactly where you are in your journey, no one else’s & in no other time than the present moment. And that’s my inspiration for this… to help people open up to finding what meditation “works” for them, right here, in this moment. No judgement, and no expectation. All classes online through a link, so just set your phone alarm and get listening ;).  

Plus you’ll receive additional meditations to test out that are yours to keep!

I hope to connect with you soon!

In light & love, 


P.S. If you need a little more details on each class, see below: 

When? Online (From any where!)

Class 1: What is meditation?  We break it down into the simplest sentence to open it up to your own way to interpret it & I’ll share different ways to “meditate”. 

Class 2: Let’s have fun & get outside of our mind! I’ll share some even more “out there” ways to meditate that can help self-soothe and calm your body, that might now “seem” like meditation, but once we open up the definition to your interpretation – you might find a modality that is just perfect for you! 

Class 3: Putting it into practice. This is where the rubber meets the road, and we’ll go through the blocks to meditation consistently… and dive into “how can I actually do this that works for me?” Evaluating your preferences, time, where you are in life, what inspires you, etc. to create a plan of meditation that works for you & where you are right now 😊. 

Cost is $30 for all 3 classes. All online.


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